S.T.E.P. INnovations was created in hopes of making a difference in the lives of my kids and other young people who need support. Having a strong family up-bringing I believe it is key for our youth to succeed. I hope through my events and programs that family units will become stronger.  My family's support even now as an adult keeps me striving to be a better person.  If I help one person find their way then I have succeeded with my mission.  I am Teresa Speller and I welcome you to our family!

Teresa Speller

I can't change the whole world 

but I can make a difference.

Live, Love, Laugh

Please come be a part of the solution!

I do what I do in Jesus name!

To God be the Glory!

Special thanks to my family for all the ongoing support.
 I love you all so much and could not make this happen without you!


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